The Market

In their "Food and Drink Trends 2017" report, consumer market research leader Mintel identified nighttime specific nutrition as one of the "most compelling and category changing" trends for the coming years.

75% of American adults aged 18-54 snack at night on a regular basis. The most popular choices? You guessed it: cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.

The result? Over 150,000,000 Americans combine to spend over $1,000,000,000 weekly on snacks consumed between dinner and bed in the United States.

Most consumers know they shouldn't be eating ice cream and the like before bed, but that's what they crave.

NightFood is set to disrupt this $50B annual consumer spend by delivering a solution to America's nighttime snacking problem.

*According to Symphony IRI, the total U.S. snack market is $118B annually, and 44% of that is consumed after dinner.

Percentage of consumers who reported snacking regularly at night in 2013

88% 88%

18-34 years old

73% 73%

35-54 years old

The Biology

The consensus among experts is that there are powerful biological reasons so many of us eat the wrong stuff at night. This is not simply explained away as a lack of willpower or a bad habit. Science has confirmed there is more to it than that.

Research shows us that the following three factors combine as we approach bedtime, creating a "perfect storm" for most people that leads to unhealthy night snacking:

  • Appetite peaks at night
  • At night, cravings for sweets, fats, and salty foods are most powerful
  • Willpower weakens consistently throughout the day

So, at night, your willpower is exhausted, you crave the least healthy stuff, and it takes more of it to satisfy you.

It's no surprise that most diet and nutrition experts, including Weight Watchers, consider unhealthy night snacking the single biggest problem for people trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

This problem will simply never go away on its own.

However, it can be solved.

Current Options

Of course, consumers have other options, they always will. We believe that each of the existing options is severely lacking, creating the opportunity for the Nighttime Nutrition category we're pioneering.

We break the pre-existing consumer options up into 4 basic categories:

The junk we crave

Not a great option, but an option nonetheless. People could simply keep doing what they're doing and living with the consequences.

Energy Snacks

The same stuff people eat to keep them going at 10AM or 2PM are also options before bed. As the category name "energy snacks" suggests, these are formulated to provide an energy, they're formulated with energy-boosting in mind. Certain B-vitamins, their choices of sweeteners, fiber content, protein, caffeine...just because something is better or appropriate in the afternoon doesn't mean it's the right choice before bed. In fact, the exact opposite is often true.

Carrot Sticks

We use "carrot sticks" to represent the entire category of stuff that is undeniably healthy, but typically unsatisfying. As a result, people trying these options usually don't stick with it. Or, even worse, they eat the carrot sticks (or rice cakes, or toast, or celery or whatever) and THEN dig in to the ice cream.

Eat Nothing

For most people, this is not something they can do most nights because of the powerful biology driving us to not just eat, but eat junk as we approach bed.

All of the options above are lacking for one reason or another. That's why we created NightFood.


Now that you understand the big it is, why people eat what they do at night, and how most other available options come up short in the eyes of the consumer, you can better understand how NightFood is positioned in the marketplace to solve this problem.

Nobody disputes that our nutritional choices impact sleep. Everybody understands this with caffeine. Everybody knows what happens if you drink alcohol before bed. But most people don't consider what happens if they consume more sodium before bed. Good or bad? What about vitamin B-12? How about calcium, magnesium, or fiber?

NightFood is the first (and currently the only) nutrition company to formulate and manufacture snacks to solve this nighttime craving problem. In the coming months the Company intends to add to its existing snack line by adding additional flavors, gluten free and other "free-from" options, new snack formats such as ice cream, and is researching a line of CBD infused snacks under a separate brand name.

The Future

Most humans are biologically programmed to crave unhealthy stuff at night. Tips and tricks do not typically work. Everybody knows eating that bowl of ice cream before bed is bad, but it happens millions of times across the country every week.

We believe people want and need a solution to this problem. A physical solution...not tips and tricks, but great tasting snacks that will satisfy those unhealthy night cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

When you consider all the evidence, it's hard to make a case for why nighttime nutrition would not be a billion dollar category within the next decade.

IRI Worldwide data points to it, and Mintel is on record as identifying nighttime nutrition as a category changing trend. These leading market research firms use big data to predict big trends.

Nighttime nutrition is coming...and NightFood is leading the way.